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Use your favorite bioinformatics workflow manager.

Easily deploy production-grade pipelines.

Connect and use your favorite tools in minutes:

Run, develop, deploy, and validate bioinformatics pipelines.

1. Run open-source public pipelines

a) From your browser, no install needed.

b) Programmatically:

flowdeploy run nextflow nf-core/rnaseq \ 
	 -r '3.12.0'

2. Develop your pipeline

a) Locally, on your machine.

b) With the help of FlowDeploy's cloud:

nextflow run \ 
	 -profile flowdeploy

3. Deploy pipelines to production

a) Connect GitHub to FlowDeploy.

b) Run your custom versioned pipelines:

flowdeploy run snakemake acme/rnaseq \ 
	 -r '1.1.0'

4. Validate the pipeline with the FlowDeploy team for guaranteed success and critical enterprise support.

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Features that save you time and control your costs.

Best practices cloud implementation

When one mistake can cost $100,000 over a weekend, proper infrastructure implementation is critical. FlowDeploy manages these risks, so you don't need to worry about being fired.

Pre-built integrations with popular tools

Don't slow down by depending on one quirky language or proprietary platform. Choose the right tool for each job, but keep centralized deployment and observability.

Open source protocol

FlowDeploy uses an open source bioinformatics task execution protocol, managed by an independent non-profit – helping you avoid vendor lock-in.

Reliable infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure, tested pipelines, and versioning keeps you focused on building what's next. Automated integration tests ensure pipelines keep working – even old versions!

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