Run bioinformatics pipelines in the cloud using Snakemake or Nextflow.
Bioinformaticians use FlowDeploy to try, run and develop pipelines.
Getting started
Try, run, and develop bioinformatic pipelines with a bit of help from FlowDeploy.

Try pipelines

Connect pipelines through GitHub

Import custom and public pipelines through GitHub. The git branches and releases are automatically imported and refreshed.

Try pipeline templates

To help you get started, FlowDeploy has a handful of tested templates to try and use. You can also help others get started by creating your own pipeline templates.

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flowdeploy run acme/rnaseq -v "1.1.0"

Choose how you run pipelines

Using our web app

Start running custom or public pipelines right away on your browser, with no installation needed.

Programmatically with the FlowDeploy API

Build your own framework around FlowDeploy to run and manage your pipelines. After launch, monitor pipelines through the web app.

Flexibly develop your pipelines

On your own infrastructure

Continue to develop pipelines on your laptop, server, or a cloud.

With the help of FlowDeploy for more intensive steps

Run individual steps with FlowDeploy while running the pipeline on your own infrastructure.

nextflow run --profile flowdeploy
snakemake --rerun-incomplete --profile flowdeploy
Reach milestones faster
FlowDeploy works with you, so you can get your results quickly.
See what we're talking about
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Monitor pipelines
The web app has a live stream of the run logs, pipeline steps, and resource usage. You can also browse through files as they are created by the run.
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Avoid lengthy restarts
Like a “checkpoint” in a video game, your run is cached intermittently so you don’t have to start the whole run over again.
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No vendor lock-in
FlowDeploy uses an open source bioinformatics task execution protocol, managed by an independent non-profit.
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Live updates with Slack webhook
Receive push notifications from Slack to track pipeline progress.
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Reduce errors
Stable infrastructure and tested pipelines reduce pipeline and operational errors.
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Team based auth
Securely manage your team through FlowDeploy, or integrate your existing user permissions with SSO.


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Books and tea

Read the docs

Everything you need to know about FlowDeploy and how you can use it.

The docs
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